Aerodynamics Overview
This part of the project directly focused on the first course in aerodynamics, taken by Junior-level aerospace engineering students. In a typical Aerodynamics course, usually students are presented with concepts and models from which simplified versions could be used to determine the aerodynamic performance. However there are several difficulties associated with this method inlucding junior-level studennts' lack of experiencing handling integro-differential equations that arise out of the aerodynamic models. To solve these equations, typically, numerical panel methods have been used but now, with the advent of finite-difference and CFD methods, the use of panel methods have become rare.
The goal of this portion of the project was to develop a computational software that students can use to visually learn how aerodynamic characterisitcs, such as angle of attack, Mach number and airfoil type, affect aerodynamic performance. The computational software was developed for this with the assistance of the following software:
  • MATLAB (Mathworks)
  • FieldView (Intelligent Light)
  • Chimera Grid Tools
The software was developed and given to students for use throughout the Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 semesters for use in the Aerodynamics course.